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What would your first thought be if someone told you that you were going to be in a plane crash in the near future? That you would be stranded on an island with 35 other strangers, with no hope for rescuse? The majority would think that the person telling you this information was crazy. Probably that something like that would never happen to you. It's a one in a million chance.

Well, it looks like you're about to experience a one in a million chance.

Anonymous send a parachute and asked:

do you plan on an amber heard FC?

I don’t have anything against her, and I don’t think my co-admin does either, so she probably will be used eventually. Though I’m not sure if she’ll be in with the first batch of characters.

2 years ago
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Anonymous send a parachute and asked:

Ksenia Solo, Blake Lively, Maggie Q, Thomas Dekker, Taylor Kitsch, Landon Liboiron, Sean Faris. Just some FC suggestion! :)

I actually plan on having Maggie Q and Blake Lively as characters in the first two batches! In fact, Maggie’s bio & character graphic is already done and will probably be one of the first bios posted when the rp is open. Everyone else is definitely a possibility.

2 years ago
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I’m going to be busy soon with school, and right now my schedule is pretty tight, but I’ve had this idea for a LOST based roleplay since May, and I want to go through it. I’ve already done some work for this roleplay, and below you’ll see what I’ve done, will be able to do, and what I would need you to do. I would like to have at least one extra person helping me out, and my max for co-admins will be 2 more, so it’ll be a sum of 3 working on this roleplay with myself included. But 2 at least. I’ll chose a co-admin only after I get a variety of auditions in(if I do). 

What I’ve Done:

What I’ll Be Able To Do:

What You’ll Need To Do:



Submit Apps HERE.

Things you should know about the roleplay, if you get selected as co-admin info, and a little bit about me below.

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2 years ago
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